No Fuss, No Mess Soil Stabilisation

Our Process

The process of injecting the chemical microfine grout cement down underneath the ground is by use of a specialised spear, attached to a tap and hose leading back to a pump located on the back our truck. The spear slowly penetrates the soil and is pushed down to a designated depth.  The microfine permeates the soil sticking to each particle of sand with controlled volumes of grout being released at different intervals, forming a grout block, strengthening and tightening soil profile, waterproofing foundations and stabilising structures to stop movement and damage of cracking.

Chemical Grout Injection is

  • Reliable
  • Fast and Clean
  • Cost Effective
  • Very low impact
  • Environmentally sound

Easily accessing hard to reach spots. There is also little or no noise or vibrations with typical installations being completed without disturbance to surrounding structures, neighbours or affecting the environment. 

Chemical grout injection is ideally suited to the sandy soil profile which are found over much of the Perth metropolitan area and a lot of regional West Australia.

Soil Stabilisation

The mix can be adjusted to suit individual applications either firm enough to restore a solid foundation or soft enough to allow carving by small equipment and excavators while maintaining strength to support surrounding structures.


Remediate Structural Failure

Chemical grout injection provides structural integrity to installations that rely on a solid foundation but typically fail from unstable sandy soil profiles which are common in much of Western Australia.

  • Sinking Structures
  • Foundation Repairs
  • Wall Reinforcement

Movement Cracking

Cracked walls are often the first sign buildings have stability issues. Restoring stability with chemical grout injection is reliable, quick and clean.

Pool Excavation

Protect Existing Structures

When installing a pool in close proximity to existing structures microfine cement grout injection is used to support load bearing structures.

  • House foundations
  • Existing buildings
  • Limestone, retaining and screen walls

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Please call Craig on 0450 818 944 or Nathan on 0400 325 975,  who will gladly explain the process and answer any questions you may have. 

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